Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Content - Pics and MP3

Okay, so I have some new stuff going up, and I'm excited. The neatest, newest thing is a very cheap, one-minute introduction MP3. It's not ultra sexy, but it lets you hear my voice and a little about me and it's $1.00 to download! Niteflirt is a super awesome site, and it's completely legit, so it a risk-free little sample of me.

I made a second recording, titled Our First Date, which is so fucking cool! It's my first time ever being open about myself (and especially my body) and I felt so relaxed making it. It's a really fun and very kinky little fantasy where we go out, and you know nothing about me. I lure you back to my place, you think it's just a normal date, but by the end of night, you're all tied up and I get to share all my secrets with you. It was a blast to record, and like I said, tons of fun.

Unfortunately, that super cool recording isn't uploading properly right now (I'm having temporary ISP problems), so you'll have to just enjoy all the new picture sets that I'm managing to get up. And there is the litte MP3, like I said before, so you can get to know me better, pretty much for free. Maybe I should stick the little MP3 on a free site somewhere. Any ideas?

Looking for web designer & possible partner

Well, to start, I'm just looking for a capable and experienced web designer. I'm willing to trade free access to all my content in return for help in setting up a professional (pay) web site. All the proceeds from the website will go into my savings fund.

If you feel incredibly established (and you'd have to be excellent and knowledgeable about pay sites and promotion, etc.), and you want to actually design, maintain and market a site for me, I would consider taking a partner on and sharing a small percentage of the proceeds with that person. Please get in touch if you're qualified and interested!

Photos Incoming!

Okay, I just took 235 new pictures of myself. I'm going to edit them into some sets and upload them soon, but if you just can't wait, take a look at a few teasers. I can't wait until my girlfriend gets back and she can take the pictures of me! It's hard to perform when you have to constantly worry about angles and mirrors.

Oh, and a lot of these pics are pretty and sexy, but then they get teasy and explicit, and by the end, well. Incredibly perverse. So this runs the gambut from cute girl to complete and utter whore *hides her face now* I'm so embarrassed! Okay, off to edit pictures!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun & Fictitious: Amanda, Miss Emily's Slavegirl

I like playing your average girl turned slut sometimes, so I have a fictitious character that I created to explore my non-TS fantasies. If you'd like to check those recordings out (and hey, you know the truth about me) feel free to visit my other homepage, Miss Emily's Slavegirl.

Amanda, my character, is a lesbian girl who is blackmailed into serving her Domme, Miss Emily. She and her girlfriend went to visit the Lady for a bit of fun; it was the worst mistake they could ever make. Now the two girls are forced to do all manner of dirty things. The fact that Amanda doesn't enjoy being forced to fuck men only turns Miss Emily on even more. I have tons of fun with this character, so make sure to check my recordings out here too!

First Picture Sets Up!

I dug through some of my recent erotic photos and I put together a pair of very sexy picture sets. I took these pictures the last time my girlfriend was away from me. I hadn't seen her for three weeks, and I was dripping with want. The picture sets are all available via Niteflirt (you'll need an account and they cost money to buy). If you'd like to make a straight donation to my savings, via some of other service, let me know and we can work something out.

Dildo Play (10 pics) - $15.00: Ten delicious and tasteful anal pics. Watch me spread for my favorite purple cock. I originally took these pictures for my girlfriend, while she was away on a trip. My sets are always authentic, amateur personal pics. All 800 x 600 res.

Nipple Play (18 pics) - $20.00: Eighteen pics of me being slutty with my tits. At first I just play with them. Then I get bored and I decide to play with clothespins. I bounce and swing my heavy breasts for you. My girlfriend loves my tits; she thinks that they're the sexiest part of my body. I originally took these pictures for her, while she was away on a trip. My sets are always authentic, amateur, personal pics. Most pics are 800 x 600 res, but some are 400 x 300 res.

Hello from TS Princess Amber

For a long time I've played at the edges of the erotic world, selling things here and there, always keeping my secrets. Usually I just masquerade as an average girl. Its rare that I ever get second looks from anyone, about anything.

But I've come to realize lately that there are a lot of people out there who really like transgendered girls! I mean, it's one thing to just accept them; you can look at someone and respect how they express themselves. You can even find them attractive or beautiful. I tend to get accused of that pretty often. But there are actually people who feel that transgendered (aka TG) and transexual (aka TS) girls are hot specifically because they've crossed the gender barrier.

I have tons of hot pictures that I keep to myself. Delicious things, filled with my favourite toys, my cute girlfriend, my dirty thoughts and fantasies. I've always looked forward to the day when I wouldn't have to hide my sensuality. I just moved that day up to now.

Unlike a lot of TG/TS women, I want to have corrective surgery someday (I haven't had it yet) and at that point, I realize that I'll lose a lot of my niche appeal, I guess. But that's something that I want, more than most things; so it's a no-brainer for me. But, before that day comes, there's no reason why I can't discretely create some really hot stuff for the people who look at me and like me.

I already do it, but I use other people's pictures and create fake identities. Selling sex isn't new to me. This is the first time, though, that I'm going to do it as me. Because I want to keep my identity more or less private (for safety and privacy reasons), a lot of pictures won't show my face. I'm not the slightest bit ashamed of my cute and sexy eyes or my pink lips (although I try to keep at least my mouth in the pics!), I just want to keep a little bit of privacy. I promise to pay for it with every other part of my body, though!

With that said, please enjoy!