Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Content - Pics and MP3

Okay, so I have some new stuff going up, and I'm excited. The neatest, newest thing is a very cheap, one-minute introduction MP3. It's not ultra sexy, but it lets you hear my voice and a little about me and it's $1.00 to download! Niteflirt is a super awesome site, and it's completely legit, so it a risk-free little sample of me.

I made a second recording, titled Our First Date, which is so fucking cool! It's my first time ever being open about myself (and especially my body) and I felt so relaxed making it. It's a really fun and very kinky little fantasy where we go out, and you know nothing about me. I lure you back to my place, you think it's just a normal date, but by the end of night, you're all tied up and I get to share all my secrets with you. It was a blast to record, and like I said, tons of fun.

Unfortunately, that super cool recording isn't uploading properly right now (I'm having temporary ISP problems), so you'll have to just enjoy all the new picture sets that I'm managing to get up. And there is the litte MP3, like I said before, so you can get to know me better, pretty much for free. Maybe I should stick the little MP3 on a free site somewhere. Any ideas?

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